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June 2018


Monday the 4th of June - QUAD kids, Winchester Athletics Stadium.


On Monday we took a year 5 and a year 6 team to an athletics competition at Bar End athletics track. The children competed in the 75m sprint, 600m javelin and a long jump event. Both teams performed very well – particularly Charlie, who ended the afternoon as the highest points scorer in the boy’s events overall!


A huge well done to: Anna R, Lauren, Daisy, Ryan, Flynn, Zach, Thomas, Adrian, William S, Charlie D, Carmel, Olivia, Evie and Scarlett.


Wednesday the 6th of June - Kwick Cricket, Hursley.


On Wednesday we took a cricket team to compete at a qualifier for Hampshire. We won, drew and lost one game in our group which meant we qualified for the Plate competition. Merdon won the Plate round against Scantabout, but unfortunately time was against us and there was no time to play the next round. We played competitively and encouraged each other very well. A special mention to Tia, who had never played cricket in a match condition before.


Well done to: Henry W, Adam, Charlie D, Abhinav, Toby, Vyom, Tia and Chand.


Thursday the 7th of June - Kwik Cricket, Scantabout Primary.


We took a team of year 4 pupils to Scantabout to play in a friendly. The team played very well considering it was the first time for many of them. We fielded well as a team and defended our stumps well. Unfortunately we lost by a few runs but the team played well against an older Scantabout team. 


Well done to: Lydie, Freya, Henry, Harry, Ewan, Avtar and Bella.