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Merdon Junior School Curriculum

As a school our aims and ethos are heavily rooted in developing children who have a love of learning and an energy for approaching new challenges with enthusiasm.

In order to help our children gain these qualities we have developed an integrated curriculum that takes the New National Curriculum and delivers it to our children through fun and interesting topics, examples of these include The Space Race, Wish you were here and World War I with a difference!


Our Topics start with a 'hook' which grabs the children's attention and interest, this could be through a visit, a workshop or even some clues that lead on to more.  Topics are normally half term in length and each year group gives parents an opportunity to attend a Parent Outcome event, which again can vary from voting on Space buggy designs or European holiday destinations through to Fashion shows and Fairtrade cafe's.  In order to gain a balance some of the Parent Outcomes will be more low key and be a chance for you to just talk with your child and enable them to share their learning with you.


We work with the children in helping to shape their learning during the Topic and children share ideas for possible Home Learning Topic Projects.  These projects enable them to develop their knowledge and understanding alongside their parents.  We welcome parental support as it is vital for our children to see their parents enthused and motivated by learning as well.


Our curriculum is integrated and where possible we link the Topics through our English and mathematics.  It is important that our children realise that all aspects of their learning are linked and together they add real depth and understanding to the children.


We recognise that children often learn better when they are given rich and varied opportunities both inside and out of the classroom and school.  With this in mind we are working closely with Hampshire Local Authority to develop our school grounds and create a Forest School base within Merdon.  


Our children show pride in their learning and through our curriculum and range of extra curricular opportunities we feel that we give children the values, skills, knowledge and opportunities to recognise opportunities in life and have the determination and drive to achieve these.

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