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Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.


Two children are elected from each class. We hold weekly meetings in which the children feedback thoughts and ideas from their class and discuss our current project. The councillors then feedback to their class and note down new ideas for the next meeting.



Last Year

Last year the School Councillors achieved the following:


-Raised money for Piam Browne Cancer Charity by holding a cake sale


-Introduced recycling bins in classrooms and monitors to switch off lights and computers in order to make our school greener.


-Raised money for the school by running a stall at the Merfest in the Summer.



This Year

Our first project this year has been to organise the events to raise money for Children In Need. We asked children to come to school dressed in their brightest clothes in exchange for a £1 donation and we held a cake sale in the afternoon that many pupils kindly donated to.

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Picture 2
We are now busy planning our next event..... running a stall at the Merdon Christmas Fayre. We asked our classes for ideas and held votes to decide on the best one. The most popular stall idea was the Lucky Dip. So now we are busy wrapping all the presents!!
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This Spring term, Miss Loosemore has asked us to help her improve the school grounds. Before we ask our classes for their thoughts on the matter, we went on a tour of the school to spot areas that need some improvement.
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