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School Landscaping Project

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Merdon Junior School Landscape Project-

Planning for the future


We recognise the fantastic potential of our school grounds, however we also recognise the scale of any development!  In order to successfully develop our school site and it uses we have engaged the help and support of the Local Authority Landscape Architect Catherine Eldred.


Catherine is working with a steering group, that comprises of all members of the community, including two members of staff, the Headteacher, 2 children representatives, 3 parents, a parent Governor, a leading wildlife education expert, a district leader from the Brownie and Guide movement and a Partner Co-ordination manager from Waitrose in Chandler's Ford.


The first meeting, in December 2014, helped the group to establish a vision for the project and our hopes and aspirations that support this.  The meeting also helped the group to understand the importance of stakeholder views and possible ways in which we would gather this.


Our second meeting, in February 2015, helped the group to bring together the views sought from the community and how this information feeds in to key uses of the site.


Our next meeting will be on 1st April 2015, where the group will start to think creatively about what could be possible and how our initial visions can become a reality!

Meeting 1- Establishing the vision

Meeting 2- Understanding our stakeholders viewpoints