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11th December 2020

Europe North

Walter Smith for his fantastic effort, enthusiasm and achievement in Maths lessons this week.

Europe South


Livvi Carley - Livvi has demonstrated a brilliant attitude to her learning this week. She has been more confident in herself and has risen to the challenge in Maths. Keep it up! 

Africa North

Lena Kudla has been awarded learner of the week for the fantastic front cover she made for her story. 

Asia North


Bettie Lee is awarded Learner of the Week this week due to her huge improvement in writing in the last two weeks. She has a brilliant style and “voice” to her writing, making it a pleasure to read and she is really developing her language choices and grammatical structure. Keep it up, Bettie!

Asia South


Florence McCart and Isla Hall - For their effort and teamwork whilst learning about the phases of the moon. The girls went above and beyond in finding more information about the moon, and really impressed me with their facts and presentation in their sketch book. Well done!

Africa South


Edward Bonfield has worked well all week on his version of The Water Horse.  His final published ‘book’ has been completed with a colourful and appealing cover.  Great work Edward.

America North

Zara Wild - for showing an excellent attitude towards her learning and producing a fantastic newspaper plan which will no doubt lead to a great piece of writing.

America South

Miloni Khokale - for an innovative piece of art that illustrates her deep understanding of the Let's Think lesson - The Rabbits.