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2nd December 2020

America North

Kayla Smith for excellent scientific reasoning, teamwork and producing outstanding learning throughout our science investigation.

America South

Alistair Taylor for fantastic maths learning this week. He has been effectively using pictures and number lines to support his reasoning and illustrate his understanding.

Asia South and Asia North 

Scarlet Ridge and Elsie Lemar and Finn McDermott and Finley Ashton


For effectively using their teamwork and innovator skills of our IGNITE values to develop a fantastic movie trailer for a film about the Apollo 11 moon landing. 


Georgia Tose

Georgia has been awarded learner of the week for her excellent story writing. She included all the success criteria! 

Africa South

Our learner of the week is Phoebe Baker.  She was worked hard all week writing her story.  She has independently used her evaluator skills to start editing her work.

Europe North

Isaac Beer for super attitude to learning particularly in English.  Isaac has worked hard on his information text about penguins - super content and beautifully presented.

Europe South


Our learner of the week is Rita Howbrook. Rita has demonstrated a super attitude to her learning this week, approaching every subject with enthusiasm. She has worked especially hard when writing her information text about penguins. Keep it up Rita!