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At Merdon Junior School we understand the necessity of computing in today’s lifestyle.  We aim to build pupil’s confidence and the ability that they need in this subject, to prepare them for the challenge of a rapidly changing technological world. 


We use ICT to enhance and extend children’s learning across the whole curriculum, whilst helping to motivate pupils as they develop new skills.  As they will become more digitally literate, they are able to use a wider range of ICT tools and information sources to support their work in other subjects.  We will build on, and help them to develop their research skills, begin to question the plausibility and quality of information and learn how to amend their work for different audiences. With the computer science element the children use coding in numerous scenarios from creating quizzes, exploring and drawing shapes to designing and programming LegoWedo models.


There are bays of computers around the school along with an IT Suite and Library with enough computers for 1 per child, though collaborative learning is encouraged. Our Merdon Association recently funded a bank  of 16 Ipads for use in all areas of the curriculum including green-screening and film creation.


E-Safety is talked about regularly in class assemblies and during lessons and E-Safety whole school events.  This website has an area, with all aspects of E-Safety explained, to assist parents with this ever changing subject.