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Mathletics Homework

Each week the children are set Maths challenges on the platform Mathletics. The Teacher assigns either activities which match the Maths focus that week in lessons or uses it as an opportunity to assess children’s confidence in a new  topic they are about to teach. We do encourage children to make jottings if needed when working through the activities just as they would do in class too!


Points are awarded to children as they successfully complete Live Mathletics and Curriculum homework tasks. The points then contribute to their earning of certificates.  Certificates are granted when a child earns 1000 points or more within one week. This encourages them to complete their work each week and rewards children for every week they practice.


Children initially earn a Bronze Certificate, then a Silver Certificate once five Bronzes have been earned. With four Silver Certificates, a child then receives a Gold Certificate, demonstrating their long-term commitment and developing ability. Gold certificates are celebrated through assemblies and on our School Newsletter. Children can also personalise their efforts in using awarded credits to develop their own Avtar.