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Merdon Association

Welcome to the Merdon Association


We are a very supportive group of parents who work alongside the school to raise much needed funds.


Our most recent project supported the installation of much needed pathway lighting from our Merdon Avenue entrance. This was completed during the Easter Break 2019.


We are now raising funds to pay for the ICT Suite and computer bays to be upgraded.


We are also working alongside the children's drive to become greener by supporting some of their initiatives.


Join us!

We are always looking for volunteers to work alongside side our school to help raise funds and lead community and school events.

Being part of our PTA means that you can donate as much or as little of your time to all or some of our fund raising events. Every little helps!

Please contact Merdon Association directly via email on

or contact the school office.



Saturday 6th July 2019

We are currently looking for volunteers to support our annual Summer Fayre. 

Are you able to donate some time in the run up to the event or some time on the actual day?

Do you have any fundraising ideas that you could  share with us or work for a company who would be happy to match fund?

Are you able to provide entertainment for our central arena?

We would be delighted to hear from you and appreciate any support you can offer us.

You can contact Merdon Association directly via email on

Beetle Drive Evening

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Parent Free Christmas Shopping Zone!