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Our Curriculum

As a school, our vision and values are heavily rooted in our curriculum which aims to encourage our children to grow their love of learning and approach new challenges with enthusiasm.


In order to help our children gain these qualities, we are continuously developing our creative curriculum. We deliver the National Curriculum through engaging and inspiring topics that combines knowledge and skills. We use curriculum subject drivers and high quality reading texts to create our topics. Some of these include Flint and Fire, The Land of the Frost Giants, Out of Africa and A Tale of Two Cities!


Our Topics often begin with a 'hook' which captivates the children's imagination and interest. Our 'hooks' aim to vary. Some may be delivered through a visit or a residential. Others may involve a workshop, a visitor or even a box of clues that encourages enquiry based learning.  Topics are normally half termly in length and each year group keep parents involved with their child's learning through regular updates on the school website. Teachers share the learning journey on their class page throughout a unit of work. We believe that it is important to showcase the learning that leads to the final outcome.


We also provide our parents with an opportunity to attend a Parent Outcome event at the end of the topic, sharing the wonderful work that the children have created. Outcomes can come on different formats, ranging from discussing our learning with our families, cooking for them or even producing full scale performances! 


We strive to shape pupil's learning beyond the school day by providing them with opportunities to learn with their families at home through Home Learning Projects.  These projects enable them to develop their knowledge, understanding and creativity.  We welcome and encourage parental support as we recognise the importance that our children see everyone 'as learners'.


We strongly believe that a curriculum should be creative, current and inclusive. We make purposeful links through English and Maths and our learning journeys are often driven by a high quality English text. With experienced leaders driving their subjects, we are able to deliver knowledge and understanding of every subject through varied task design and creativity. 


Every day, we strive for Excellence in English and Mastery in Maths as we recognise the importance of these life skills! We have adopted the Maths Mastery approach which secures knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts through concrete, pictorial and abstract learning.


In English, we aim to instil a life long love of reading and writing whilst ensuring that our children leave our school confident and prepared for the next stage in their learning. We do this using inspiring and relevant topics, often linked to wonderful whole class texts. Reading for enjoyment is promoted during regular sessions in our extensive library


We encourage enquiry based learning as we continue to develop mastery concepts across the curriculum.  We believe it is important that our children realise that aspects of their learning can be linked together, adding real depth and understanding.


We recognise that children often learn better when they are given rich and varied opportunities both inside and out of the classroom and school.  With this in mind, we are continuously developing our outdoor curriculum. We believe that Outdoor Learning is a key part of the overall learning experience.


We embed our HEART, IGNITE and British Values through our learning journeys. We recognise how education is key in teaching our children important values such as mutual respect and tolerance. We are proud to be recognised as a School of Sanctuary, which acknowledges our understanding of the positive contribution that refugees and asylum seekers make to our society.  We lead RE and Refugee weeks and these provide opportunities for children to  visit places of worship, listen to visitors and ask questions about their own experiences. The children also get a chance to be part of cooking and dance workshops.


Our children show pride in their learning. Through curricular and extra curricular opportunities, we are able to teach our children values, skills and knowledge as well as provide a range of opportunities that will give them the core life skills that they will carry with them beyond Merdon.


Please take a look at the class and whole school pages in the Children's section on our website to see our curriculum in action!

English Leader - Mrs Whitford

Maths Leader - Miss Cunningham

Science Leader - Mrs Leach

Computing Leader - Mrs Simmonds

History Leader - Mr Stevens

Geography Leader - Mrs Holyoak

Art and Design Leader - Mrs Whitford

Physical Education Leader - Mrs Bartlett

Design & Technology Leader - Miss Gover

Music Leader - Mrs Smith

Religious Education Leader - Mrs Yates

PSHE Leader - Mrs Yates

Outdoor Learning Leader - Mrs Holyoak

Modern Foreign languages Leader - Madame Murray

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