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Welcome to Merdon Junior School



As Headteacher of Merdon Junior School, I would like to welcome you and your family. We are very proud of our school and what we stand for. We see the relationship between home, school and the local community as an important partnership and encourage close ties between all.


As well as aiming to provide your child with the best education, we also strive to ensure that your child always feels happy, safe and confident. It is our aim to ensure that every child feels valued, cared for and treat themselves and those around them, with the same mutual respect. 


Our HEART values, Honesty, Excellence, Attitude, Respect and Thoughtfulness, are threaded through our curriculum to ensure that our children continue to grow as kind and respectful citizens. We are proud to be recognised as a School of Sanctuary which recognises the positive contribution of refugees to our society which is one of the many examples of how we encourage our HEART values approach. We encourage respect and kindness towards each other, our community and our environment.


Our learning values; IGNITE: Independence, Growth Mindset, Never Giving Up, Innovator, Teamworker and Evaluator support our children with their learning, helping them overcome challenges and teach them core skills which will support them as they grow older. We recognise that our pupils live in an ever changing society and we believe that it is important to provide them with the core skills to adapt to these changes - now and in the future.


Through our core values, creative curriculum and our constant strive to to be forward thinking, we provide an education, in and out of the classroom, that inspires, captivates and provides a love of learning that they will carry with them forever.


We are proud to provide unique and creative learning opportunities, using inspiring literature, outdoor learning and current pedagogy, delivered by our excellent staff team, who are committed to ensuring that we constantly ‘Achieve the Best for All’.



Many best wishes

Mrs Martin




If you have any further questions having visited our website, please get in touch, we will be more than happy to meet with you and show you around our school.