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A terrible beauty

Today we asked the question- How can I bring the terrible beauty of nature in my writing?

We looked at the poem ‘Wind’ by Ted Hughes. We learnt about paradox and oxymoron as well as recognising other devices the poet had used including, metaphor, personification, alliteration and how verb choices can create atmosphere.



We started the day looking at some images to get us thinking.

We watched a short clip of a storm and completed a see/think/ wonder sheet. We shared our ideas with our peers.

In groups of three we created a continuum line titled‘ a terrible beauty’

Next we thought about the power of verbs and how they could create mood and atmosphere.

We looked at the whole poem and identified how the mood changed and how the poem told a story from different viewpoints. We discussed how the poet had used different devices to do this.

We then looked at the first two lines of the poem and completed the verse using our own ideas.

We answered the question-How has Ted Hughes made the power of the wind beautiful and terrifying?

We then planned, wrote and peer assessed our own poems.