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Kings and Queens

Linked to the story and history of Merdon, Year 5 have created their own king and queen portraits using a painting technique called the double loaded brush.

The Felt Making!


Today we made our felt designs come to life! We went outside to create our river images, using a special technique of layering thin strands of fibres in different ways, spraying with water and soap and kneading together to create the felt fabric.

Felt Making Designs


Today, we used either paper or watercolours to design our River image ready to make into felt next week. We had to use all have learnt about colour and shapes and texture to create the image we want.

Mood Boards


Following on from our colour wheel lessons!we have been exploring different colours, shades and tints and also textures we can use to create different effects. We used these investigations to make mood boards that reflect the colours and textures of what we have learnt about in our Geography topic, Rivers.

Colour Wheel

What are primary, secondary and tertiary colours? How can you create a shade? What about a tint? Year 5 explored all things colour this afternoon.