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Our Final Artworks


Today, we created our final pieces to represent the society we live in now. Some of us drew and painted images to represent COVID times, some chose to show how our society is reliant on mobile devices. Some chose to draw their own families or streets. The children were able to choose their own medium out of sketching pencils, paint, oil pastel or colouring pencils.

Adding colour and paint to our drawings of people


Today we learnt how to add more realistic features to our people by adding clothes, hair etc. We then used watercolours to add colour to our people and backgrounds.

Putting our people into a scene


The next stage in our learning journey in Art is to learn to draw our people in action on a background. First we drew out a simple background to put our people into. Some of us chose forests, some parks, some even chose the Egyptian desserts. We then used the mannequins again and put our people in action into our scenes.

Learning To Draw People


In order to produce our own paintings in the style of the Ancient Egyptians and Alaa Awaad, we need to learn to draw people, paying close attention to proportion and position so that our people look realistic.

We used wooden mannequins to help us to achieve this. Look at the amazing results of our observational drawings of our “men” in many different positions!

Exploring work by our chosen artist - Alaa Awaad


Today, we looked at many examples of Ancient Egyptian tomb and papyrus paintings, inferring what we could from the images we saw.
We then compared the Ancient Egyptian art to the paintings by Alaa Awaad and noticed the similarities between them. Alaa Awaad uses the same style as the Ancient Egyptians.

Finally we had a go at completing on if Alaa’s paintings, copying his style as best we could. Have a look at the results!