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How can we create images in the style of Martin Impey?


We studied the style of the illustrations painted by Martin Impey in our class text. We also watched a video in which he described how he achieved the effects he did. We then had a go ourselves!

How can we create abstract art in the style of Peter Thorpe?


We have studied the artist Peter Thorpe, he is an abstract artist who has produced a range of rocket images.  We are going to produce our own background and rocket inspired by his work.


How can we use pastels in different ways?

How can we create an image of the moon using paint?


Today we learnt how to make different shades of grey by adding tiny bits of black paint at a time.

We then used these shades to create our moon image.

How can we create an image of the surface of the moon?


Today we were given only a piece of chalk and a piece of charcoal and used careful blending, drawing and smudging techniques to create the craters, dark spots, shadows and curves of the moon surface.