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Climate Unity Week

Our Climate Unity poetry


Using the first verse of An Child’s Thought’ by Robert Lewis Stevenson as inspiration, the children wrote a second verse about the impact of climate change on our planet.  They then composed a third verse focused on how we can make a difference!

Our Climate Unity Artwork


Our artwork is inspired by a collage we saw at the Southampton City Museum by Andy Goldsworthy. First we learnt about more of his art and life.

Our collage is going to be made up of leaves, just like the one we saw in the museum by Goldsworthy. In order to make our collage, we need to look very closely at the shapes, colours, lines and tones of a leaf so we picked some and returned to class to sketch them.

We are going to make the leaves for our collage but they will all be made using recycled or natural  materials. We are using old bed sheets for the skin of our leaves. We are then dying the leaves by Hapa printing (a Japanese form of printing using leaves).

Our next task was to cut out a leaf shape from our printed fabric!

Next we sewed the veins on the leaf. We used all our growth mindset to remain calm and focussed and were extremely proud of the results.

Our Climate Change Music


We made different instruments using a range of recyclable materials. We were then given an aspect of climate change that we had to represent as a piece of music in our groups. We played our composition to the rest of the class and they had to guess which aspect of climate change we were representing.

Climate Unity Science


In science, we read a book by Catherine Barr all about the story of climate change form the beginnings of The Earth to what is happening now. We used all we had learnt to create these presentations.