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Climate Unity Week

Amazing teamwork from Year 3. Collecting lots of leftover wool, and making lots of pom-poms for this collaborative art piece.

What is this week about?

We went outside to find picture clues to help us work out what Climate Unity Week is all about. We found pictures of smoky chimneys, traffic jams, polar bears and bins full of rubbish!

We worked in pairs to use atlases and clues, to create our own picture maps of places in the World affected by climate change.

We thought about circles as symbols of coming together, unity and continuity.  After looking at the way Robert and Sonia Delauney, we created our own art in the same style.

We have been busy working on out year group collaborative art installation.  Watch this space...

We learnt about the plight of the orangutang using the book “There’s a Rang Tan in my bedroom”.

Did you know orangutangs can only be found in the wild in one country in the world?

We used the Climate Crisis poem as a stimulus for our poetry writing.  Our aim is to write a poem that is the more hopeful version entitled Happy Home.