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Sound continued!

How do you change the pitch of the sound of an elastic band twanging? This was the question Year 4 had to answer today!

Thank you to all those who came to see our African drumming concert!

Science- Learning about Sound

Today we started our Science topic “Sound” by exploring the different sounds that instruments make and how we could change the pitch and volume.

Cooking Anglo-Saxon vegetable and barley stew

Finding out about Anglo-Saxon foods

Using a variety of different forms of evidence (photos, recipes, stories, paintings....), we inferred what foods the Anglo-Saxons ate and the drinks they drank. We worked in groups, helping and supporting each other and discussing the evidence we found to support our ideas.

Being Historians!

Today, Year 4 played at being historians. Each group had the contents of a grave of an Anglo-Saxon person and they had to discuss in the group who the person might have been, what their job in the village may have been and anything else the clues told them. Have a go.....look at the graves and discuss your ideas with your child. They can tell you about some of the more unusual objects!