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Science Week -Solids, liquids and gases

This we have been learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We had great fun exploring some more unusual materials that were more difficult to define.

We also looked at how materials can change state when we add or remove heat. We had great fun watching ice and a chocolate button melt on the palm of our hands!

French Green Screening

We looked at some of the French Impressionists including Degas.  Using his painting Scene de Plage, we learnt how to describe the scene using correct word order.  We then brought the painting to life by adding some dialogue which the children wrote independently. Click on the link below to see the results.

Tropical Rainforests

Today we started our topic on Rainforests.We began by listening to the sounds of the forest and had to guess where we were. We then went on a virtual field trip and travelled round a rainforest in the Amazon. Next we worked in groups nad found out lots of facts about Rainforests that we wrote on leaves for our display. Finally we used atlases to discover can find rainforests around the world.

Science Week

This week we learnt all about our teeth; the role of the different teeth in our mouths, how different animals have different teeth depending on what they eat and what is inside our teeth. We then learnt all about the human digestive system and watched a demonstration of what happens when food enters our mouth until it comes out the other end as poo!