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Creative Curriculum

Science and our Parent Outcome

Thank you so much to all the parents who attended our outcome today and helped their child make the first observations for their year long habitat study. We loved having you to help us!

Our Cam Toys

Here are some pictures of our cam toys that we finished making in two busy and hectic days last week. It was worth all the hard work! Our teachers were really impressed at our independence and ability to help and support each other.

Design technology in Year 4 today!

We had such a great day today making our cam toys. First we looked at different cam toys and explored how they worked. Then we planned our own, trying to tell a story of an endangered animal through our design. Following the design process, we started measuring and sawing our wood remembering all the safety rules we were taught and working as teams.

Science - Food webs

We looked at different food chains and webs today in science and then we made a human food web outside in the sun!

Science- Classifying animals using branching databases

Today, we learnt how to sort and classify living things using a branching database. It was very tricky but we worked in small groups, supporting each other and solving problems independently as we went along. Our teachers were really impressed with our cooperation and team work!

Listen 2 Me -Brass

Today we started learning to play our brass instruments. We had to practise buzzing on the mouthpieces and learn how to hold the trumpet, trombone or baritone. We had great fun!