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Creative Curriculum

Painting our canopic jars

Today we painted our beautiful canopic jars using typical Egyptian colours. Look at the amazing results!

Listen 2 Me Concert

Parents were treated to a wonderful brass concert today by the talented Year 4, led by their great Listen 2 Me teacher, Mr W!

An Egyptian Discovery Home Learning 

We have has some fantastic and delicious home learning in this week! Well Done Year 4! It will be on display at our parent outcome event on Wednesday 12th December straight after the Listen 2 Me concert!


Outdoor Learning - Potion Making!

We had a great time today making potions for our canopic jars. We needed to think about preserving the organs and making sure they smelt lovely for the next life. We learnt all about how the Ancient Egyptians did this and then we had a go ourselves. We used coloured water, lemon, limes and lots of different leaves. We had to test the leaves for the different scents to get the smell we most wanted.

Top Trumps Gods and Godesses!

In our topic lesson today, we had to do research about the different Gods and Godesses worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians and then we turned out information into top trump cards. We then played a game of Top Trumps against our partner!

Clay Canopic Jars

Today we spent the day designing and then making a canopic jar for the Egyptian potions we will be concocting in Outdoor learning in two weeks time. We were inspired by paintings and art from Ancient Egyptian times and loved learning the gruesome details about the use of the canopic jars in the mummy making process.

Making a mummy!

We had great fun today making a real life mummy! First we watched a video all about how the Ancient Egyptians made a mummy. We made notes which we turned into instructions. We then used our instructions to help us to turn one of our classmates into a mummy (although we did decide to leave their brains and organs intact!).

Building pyramids

After watching some BBC learning clips on how the pyramids were built we had a go at building some of our own with different resources.

Where is Egypt?

After putting the Ancient Egyptians on a timeline to compare with other events we have learnt about in history, we then used Google Earth and atlases to find out exactly where Egypt is in the world.

Play In A Day

What an amazing day we had with Ben today teaching us all about the Ancient Egyptians through us learning and performing a play. We all had a role in the hour long performance which taught us about Egyptian kings and mummification, daily life and the gods and goddesses. We are so excited about learning more next half term!