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Our Anglo-Saxon Experience


Today, we visited the Sustainability Centre near Clanfield to enjoy a day of Anglo-Saxon activities. We started in the Anglo-Saxon long house where we looked at many different artefacts that the Anglo-Saxons would have used. We sat around a roaring fire, imagining what it would have been like all those years ago.

We then made our own medicines by mixing herbs grown and dried at the Centre and ground barley wheat in the same way that Anglo-Saxons would have done.

Finally, we imagined we were archeologists and looked at broken pot fragments and made clay Anglo-Saxon patterns.

Illuminated Letters


Today, we learnt how Anglo-Saxons used and made illuminated letters in their books and manuscripts. We started to practise different drawings and techniques ready to design our own on Thursday....

Anglo-Saxon villages


In groups, we imagined we were Anglo- Saxons and had just arrived in England. We needed to find a suitable site for our village. We discussed what we would our village in order to make our homes, clothes, grow foodook after our animals and trade with others. We gathered information from a video of Sutton Hoo to help us to decide what our village needed.

We were given a map with three possible sites to choose between. It was important that we discussed all possibilities and agreed as a group which we would prefer. We had to present our decision to the rest of the class.

Where did the Anglo-Saxons come from?


Today we used atlases and solved clues to work out which countries the Anglo-Saxons came from. We also watched a video that explained why they came.

Solving the mystery of the suitcase discovery


Today the class examined artefacts inside a battered old suitcase discovered in an old cupboard in school. Using clues from these items, the class had to create a theory about who the suitcase belonged to and justify their ideas. One child bravely volunteered to dress up in all the clothes to help children with their ideas.

After looking carefully at all the artefacts, we worked out that the clothing and items belonged to an Anglo-Saxon teenage boy. We then did a little research using information books ,encyclopaedias and iPads to help us find out more about the Anglo-Saxons. We thought about what we’d like to know more about and made a class display.