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Creative Curriculum


We started our sound topic in Science. We learnt that sound is made by vibrations. Vibrations are difficult to understand since we can’t see them so we carried out different investigations to help us to understand what vibrations are.

 Next, we explored how vibrations travel through solids by making string telephones. We learnt that the vibrations travel along the cup, onto the string, along the string to the other cup and then into our ears. We had great fun testing them in the sunshine!
Next, we explored how to make different pitches. We looked at different length notes on a xylophone, different size skins on a drum and finally made our own guitars using different thickness and lengths of elastic bands.
Finally, we carried out an investigation to find out what happens to a sound as we move further away from it. We used dataloggers to measure decibels of the sounds of our instrument as we moved back half a metre at a time.

Research begins....


In order to investigate our statement “Australia is all the same!”, each group was allocated an Australian territory to find out about. We used different types of maps to find out the information we needed. We had to learn about keys, symbols, geographical terminology and independence! It was tough as we had to work hard to find the answers ourselves using a research method we had not come across before.

Topic Launch


Today, we started our new topic....”Australia is all the same.....investigate!” We began by using a variety of maps to locate learning new geographical vocabulary along the way. We used atlases, Google Earth and globes in order to compare Australia to other identify the seas surrounding Australia and discuss some of the geographical features of Australia. We talked about the climate and location of cities and towns.

We compared the size of Australia to the size of the United Kingdom. We were amazed at the result!