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Creative Curriculum

Shadows investigation 

Today the children investigated how they can change the size of a shadow by altering the position of the light source. 

Miss Loosemore’s new hobby!

In science this half term we have been set a challenge by the lovely Miss Loosemore. She has recently taken up night cycling and would like us to design her a new jacket that will keep her safe but also look good! The children had a choice of fabrics and first predicted what they thought would be best. They then tested their materials in the dark first, before retesting using a light source. 

We wrote letters to Miss Loosemore to give her some advice

What did the Romans do for us?

In our history lessons we have been looking at the impact that the aromas had on Britain. We have researched what life was like before the Romans invaded and also found out the reasons for the Roman invasion. This week the children have decided what they think was the more important change that the Romans brought to us. 

People and their work

Our PSHE focus this half term is looking at different people around the world and the different jobs they have. The children were lucky enough to meet 4 of our amazing parents who came in to share what they do on a daily basis. We had a brilliant afternoon and the children went away inspired by the different professions that they had heard so much about!