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Creative Curriculum

Parent Outcome


Thank you to all the parents who came to our outcome today to help the children cook their own special British recipes. It was lovely to see you all working together and having so much fun with the kids. Here’s a few pictures of the wonderful creations!

Comparing different British cities


We used our research to compare cities in terms of population, area, land height and our preference for which to visit based on the city’s attractions.

Listen 2 Me


This term, we are learning to play the keyboard in Listen 2 Me. We have an hour lesson each week in which our specialist music teacher from Hampshire County Council teaches us how to play the instrument and how to read music. We learn songs, rhythms and patterns.

Reasearching UK Cities


We learnt what makes a city a city! Then, each group was assigned a city to find out geographical information about. We were able to use atlases and ICT.


Using Ordinance Survey maps


Today, we learnt how to use Ordinance Survey maps. We learnt about the symbols used and how to read and create grid references to find places.

What is the United Kingdom like?


Today, we used atlases to find out the different geographical features of the UK. We found out about land height, rivers, cities and road systems. We chose two features to compare by making a “layered map”. This was very tricky and we had to concentrate! We traced the outline of the UK onto two sheets of tracing paper and chose a feature to represent on each. We used the atlas and key to make the map on the tracing paper. We then put it together and looked for patterns.

What is the United Kingdom?


Today, we started our Tour of Britain topic by looking at various maps. We discussed what a map is used for and what information a map can give us. We then used maps of the United Kingdom to start learning about the countries that make up the kingdom. We found out their capital cities and looked at geographical features such as land height and roads and airports.