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Creative Curriculum

Making potions in the copse!


We had great fun today making sweet smelling potions for our canonic jars. The Ancient Egyptians made scents to preserve and protect the organs they’d 0laced in canonic jars for the kings to use in the afterlife. We used natural ingredients as they would’ve done to create our own sweet smelling potions.

Keyboard lessons

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Keyboard Lessons


We have been learning to play the keyboard in our music lessons. We enjoy our warm up games, singing and playing. We have learnt to play 3 different songs so far!

Making clay canopic jars


Today we found out all about canonic jars- what they were used for, how they were made and what they looked like. We then made our own jars using clay. We used a coil pot technique.

Ancient Egyptian Society


Today we learnt about the hierarchy of the Ancient Egyptian society. We started by predicting what we thought the hierarchy might be, then we used a tomb painting to check if we were right. Each group then researched information about the lives of one of the groups from the society. Our task was to share the research with the class so that we taught them what we had learnt. We did a great job!

Making Mummies


Today we learnt all about the process of mummification. We loved the gory bits and singing along to the “Horrible Histories” song! Then we used our team work skills to make one of our classmates into a mummy....

Our Egyptians Play In A Day 


Today we had Treehouse Theatre visit our school and lead us in creating a “Play In A Day”. The year group were split into four groups and we spent the morning learning our parts in the play. in the afternoon, we put all the parts together to create the story of the Ancient Egyptian times through drama. Everyone had a part and most people spoke a few lines. It was very funny, thanks to Ben from Treehouse, but we learnt a great deal at the time. Here are a selection of the photographs from the day....

Finding out about Tutankhamun


Today we became historians. We had to examine evidence in the form of paintings and drawings to try inherent the story of Tutankhamun’s life. Then we had sentences to sequence using the clues in the pictures we’d studied. We had to work in teams, sharing ideas, listening to each other and cooperating to come up with a group theory.

Ancient Egyptian pyramid research


Today we used many different sources of evidence around the class to find out all  pyramids. We had to answer specific finding the evidence carefully and reporting back to our groups.


Our Class Museum


Today we had a class museum of Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We became historians and used the objects to ask questions about the Egyptians.

After the museum, we carried out research in groups to find out all we could about the pyramids. Now we know how they were built, why they were built and who built them. We know enough now to make our own....