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Creative Curriculum

Week 1

We had an amazing Roman Day, learning lots about the Romans while creating a play to perform to each other at the end of the day.  


In Science, we have started to learn about forces.  We learnt that forces can be pushes or pulls and also that there are contact and non-contact forces.

Week 2


In History this week, we explored the growth of the Roman empire and started to make comparisons between Ancient Britain and Ancient Rome. 

In Science, we learnt about static friction and kinetic friction. Then, we carried out an experiment to test which shoe has the best grip.  

Week 3

This week our cyber ambassadors led an e-safety session for both classes to explore how we can stay safe from scamming and phishing.  Well done to our two fantastic ambassadors for helping to lead this session for both classes.

In RE we have started to discuss our feelings and experiences of protection and feeling protected.  We did some role play about different situations where we might need someone or something to protect us.  

Protection role play

In French, the children have been enjoying songs and games with Madame Murray, to help them learn the words for different parts of the body.  Together with their knowledge of the colours in French, they have been describing their own monsters:

Author visit - Maz Evans

We had a very entertaining assembly with Maz Evans, who talked about being an author, her exciting books and how we should never give up on our dreams..!