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Creative Curriculum

Week Beginning 2nd November

On Thursday, Year 3 enjoyed spending the afternoon outside participating in Outdoor Learning Day. We focused on improving our mapping skills ready for our new Geography unit by creating chalk maps of our classroom and creating 3D maps in the copse using the natural resources around us. 

Week Beginning 9th November

This week, we have been doing some class based yoga as unfortunately, rain scuppered our outside PE plans on Monday!  Our yoga was very relaxing and helped us to focus our minds and feel more positive.  In computing, we explored how to change parts of a template in Publisher.  We played around with our invitation to Ug's birthday party and changed the size, fonts, background and position.  In Europe North, the children have started investigating which colours would be best on a night-cycling jacket.  We have made predictions and are ready to test our colours for brightness next week! We have also been introduced to their exciting new music unit -Bamboo Tamboo, where we will be playing on colourful plastic tubes with sticks to create rhythms.

Bamboo Tamboo

In Europe South, the children have started the Science unit, deciding what is/isn't a light source -sparking lots of discussion! Also, we have been getting ready for our soft toy unit in Design Technology by learning how to use a template, pin and cut fabric. We are looking forward to learning some new stitches and designing our toys next week! 
Europe North have been busy Geographers, using atlases to improve their locational knowledge.  We looked at what places you would discover if you travelled in each of the 4 compass directions from our school.

Week Beginning 19th November

In Europe South, we have been Geographers exploring how to use an atlas and locating countries, capital cities, oceans and seas within the United Kingdom. In Design Technology, we have enjoyed creating 2 initial designs for our soft toys that we are going to make for Ug this half term. Also, we have been busy thinking about what we are going to do as individuals to stand up to bullying as part of Anti-Bullying Week. 
In Europe North, we have been Geographers again and we explored our area using maps, aerial photos and Google Earth.  Why don't you try exploring on Google Earth  at home at let us know where your travels take you.
Week beginning 23rd November

Fabulous art!

We have been learning about the artist David Hockney. We had a section of one of his paintings and we imagined how it would continue...

Bamboo Tamboo!

We have been learning how to tap and bounce our instruments to copy and layer rhythms. We accompanied the song “3 Little Birds”.

We have started practising our pinning, cutting and sewing skills ready to make our soft toys for Ug.  We showed super perseverance skills.