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Thursday PSHE


Last week you listened to the mystery music.  What did you think?

It is the finale (last movement) from a ballet called The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky, who wrote it in 1911.

It is a story about an enchanted garden owned by an evil man and a magical Firebird who is set free by a young Prince called Ivan. 

Listen to it again - can you hear the bit where the Firebird is set free?


Your task is to go for a sound walk in your garden or somewhere outdoors.  Listen really carefully, and write down all the different sounds you can hear.  You could even create a picture map of the sounds.


Listen to the Hindu Creation Story.


Your task is to represent one scene or “snapshot” from the story in whatever way you like.


You could:

  • draw it

  • paint it

  • act it out

  • recreate a “freeze frame” and take a picture

  • model it from plasticene or clay

  • make an animation