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Pick and Mix Art Activities

Activity 31

Activity 30- Dragons eyes

Activity 29-see examples from key worker children and Year 6 in the gallery

Activity 28

The Summer sunshine just cries out for pretty sun catchers on the windows doesn’t it? 


You can make sun catchers out of most anything and they are beautiful in their own right as well as being totally stunning in the window. 


Look at the images below for inspiration



Activity 27

Like the previous activity - just collect leaves. 

Can you make your leaves into animals?

Look at the examples and have a go.

Activity 26

This great idea was sent to me by Mrs Beckett.

It’s as simple as finding leaves.

  1. Find a leaf.
  2. Place it on a square piece of card.(use an old box)
  3. Lay a slightly larger square of foil on top of the leaf.
  4. Gently rub with you finger to reveal the detail of the leaf.
  5. Then decorate with Sharpies/permanent marker pens.


Activity 25



The next few activities will be based on work created by artists who use the outdoors and the environment. The first artist you could use as inspiration is Andy Goldsworthy.


Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist known for his site-specific installations involving natural materials and the passage of time.


Examples of Andy Goldsworthy's art

Activity 24


In partnership with Bath Spa University, the Royal Fine Art Commission Trust is pleased to announce the ‘See what I see’ Prize Competition for children aged 5-16 years.



Find all the information you need here.

Activity 23

Today just draw from your imagination or observation or from memory!

Activity 22

Google Doodle

Everyday Google has a doodle, it can represent a special day, a special person or at the moment it is thanking people working to fight the coronavirus.

Today's activity is to design a Google doodle.

Below are some examples.

Activity 21

Who knows what fantastic fish might swim in McElligot's Pool!  In this Dr Seuss'

picture book, a boy named Marco goes fishing in a small pond called McElligot's ...


A farmer finds Marco with his fishing line dangling in a small water-filled crack in

the earth. "You're sort of a fool! You'll never catch fish in McElligot's Pool!" Marco daydreams of all the possibilities that await him while he fishes in McElligot's Pool.

What sort of fish could he find?


Look at the illustrations by Dr Seuss below.

Activity 20

Design a rounders bat

A great competition your chance to win  a Vision X bat and ball set and your design
created on a real Aresson bat!


Activity 19


Today design a card to celebrate the 100th of Captain Tom Moore. So far Captain Tom has raised over £29,500,000!


Here's one for you to colour if you would rather.

Activity 18


Today's activity links Art, Geography, English and as always your imagination and creativity.

Lots of books start with a map, think of a book your have read or a film you have seen and make a map of the setting. Think of all the places mentioned in the story and who lives where. 

If you can't think of a story make your route the school an adventure and draw a map. Imagine the people that live in the houses, give trees and landmarks made up names-just have fun.

Some maps of fictional places below.

Activity 17-Umbrellas

Today is going to be a rainy day, so why not design your own umbrella to brighten up the day!

Activity 16-Zen doodle an insect.

Task 15

Loo Roll Challenge

Another project with materials you will have at home and a bit of recycling too!

Chris Riddell, childrens author and illustrator, has done some amazing drawings on the cupboard tube inside the toilet roll.

Some more examples-have fun!

Activity 14

Mark making tools


Today could you find some different mark making tools. Go on a scavenger hunt in the garden or when you are out on your daily walk/cycle. Collect sticks, teasel heads anything you think will make an interesting mark.

Use black  paint with water to create a thin ink and use your new tools to draw with.

This is a popular activity and there are many different ideas on the Internet. What could you use to create different marks? If you don't have paint you could mix mud with water, use coffee or beetroot juice to paint with.

Activity 13

Activity 12

Today have a go at creating art from items in you house. Take a photo and send in for the gallery.

Welcome back-I hope you have had a good Easter break and have still been creative. Send in any creations and we can add them to the gallery.


Activity 11


Behind the star below there are  lots of arty ideas for you to have a go at. Even if you don't have art materials, you've all got recycling, scissors and a bit of tape.

These ideas have come from an amazing artist called Darrell Wakelam.

 As well as the ideas below there are some more examples of his work on his website and in the Design and Technology subject area.



You could always,like Mrs Martin, just have fun with packaging!

Have a great Easter


There will be no new art activities until after the Easter break. However you could do any of the activities you haven't yet had a go at yet.

Something from your imagination or something from observation.

Today in and art group I belong to the project was to make a scarecrow for the front garden. This would make your neighbours and people out walking smile!!!

Keep being arty and send us your creations next term.

Keep well and keep safesmiley

Activity 10

Spring pictures
Last week, David Hockney released a new piece of artwork entitled: 'Do Remember They Can't Cancel The Spring' It's a wonderful reminder, that even in uncertain times, there are still beautiful things outside in the world, to make us smile.

Hockney often uses an iPad and an APP called Brushes Redux to create his images. This APP is currently free and I recommend downloading it either onto an iPhone or iPad

(sorry I'm not sure about other types of device - but there will be drawing APP equivalents)


If you don't have access to an ipad, iphone or tablet then create spring pictures with pencils, paint, pens, collage what ever you have at home. You could even do photography.



The beauty about Brushes Redux is that it records your drawing process. It's both fabulous and informative to see how you arrived at the finished piece.


Take a look in your gardens, out of your windows or work from Spring time pictures.


How might you use this APP to create other images over the coming weeks? Don't forget to share them with us,

Activity 9

Shadow Drawing

This is a great activity to enjoy in the sunny weather were are having at the moment.

Also a nice science link too thinking about how shadows are made.

Could you do this activity indoors on a cloudy day? At night? What is making the shadow and how? can you change the shape/size of the shadow? What did you do?

Thank you to the boys who have already had a go!

Activity 8


Doodle Arms. Draw around your hand & arm and fill with doodles of what your hands usually get up to. Drawing, sewing, cooking, high fives, bike riding, guitar playing, thumbs up... Enjoy doodling


Thank you Gomersal Primary School for the idea and examples

Activity 7


Mrs Yates and James sent me this fun activity. All you need is your hand, paper and felt pens or coloured pencils.

Here's James having a go.

Here is a link to see how it is done and more animals. Remember to ask an adult and to stay safe on line. Have fun!

Activity 6


This fabulous ideas was sent to me from Mrs Tones.


Have a go-I know we have the book Kevin in school as it was nominated for The Hampshire Illustrated book awards a few years ago.

Here's an example by Mrs Tones' daughter Ellowyn.

It’s the weekend! Repeat any of this weeks activities or create your own-remember to share! Enjoy your weekend. 
Activity 5

Try this activity with your whole family-can you do all 30 activities between you?

Activity 4

This amazing idea goes from Mrs Bartlett of Gomersal Primary School

Creative coffee cup rings


Create a page of coffee cup rings inspired by this page from The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy PS if you haven't bought this book yet, I highly recommend it-we have it in the library at school. (When you return)

Mrs Bartlett enlisted the help of her daughter (aged 7) and her husband to try out these activities at home. Here are their creations:

Dip a cup or mug into a plate of liquid coffee and print onto paper. Then use your imagination to turn them into a range of creative images. What do you see?

Activity 3


I know from school and your doodle books that you all love the opportunity to zen doodle. Today, using the different doodle patterns, zentangle an animal of your choice-maybe think about an endangered species. There are lots of examples on line. Be sure to keep safe on line.

Remember to send your creations in to add to the gallery.


Activity 2

Observational drawing

Today find something in your home or garden and draw it. It could be your pet, a plant, your favourite trainers or a bowl of fruit. Remember you don’t have to use pencils to draw-you can draw with pen, paint, sticks and even scissors. Be creative!

Activity 1

I saw this great idea on the news. Have a go and brighten up your neighbourhood. If you are at school make one for the classroom.

Thank you these look great.