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Design Technology

How can we make a model of our lunar rover?


Following the design, there was the making! The children had to work hard to problem solve as they went along! At times it was tricky, but there were some great demonstrations of team work and we did have some completed, working models!


How can we design a lunar rover for the Artemis mission?


Today the children had to design the ultimate lunar rover for the upcoming NASA Artemis mission.  They had to consider what the vehicle would be used for and what features it would require.  I think we have some potential engineers or designers in our midst! 

How can a motor turn an axle?


After exploring and making axles, the children investigated how they could use a motor to move the axle and therefore a vehicle. 

How could we design a logo for a rocket?


Today the children designed a logo that could actually go into space! The UK Space Agency have launched a competition called Logo Lift Off.  This year, rockets will be launched from UK spaceports.  They will carry small satellites into orbit that will gather information that can be used to protect our planet from climate change.  

What are axles and how are they used?


This week, we are going to design and make moon buggies. In order to make them we need to understand how axles are made and used. Today we explored axles by making our own balloon cars. We had to estimate, measure, cut and fix the different materials. We were shown a basic model of what to do but we needed to solve our own problems and find out for ourselves the details of the project.

Racing the cars....!