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Comparing story themes

In English this week, we have also been studying RE. We have read two Christian stories: The Tale of Three Trees and The Garden of Eden. Both stories have similarities and differences. Both are centred around trees and both are about God’s plans for his people but there are many differences too. In order to help us explore these similarities and differences, we were put into pairs. Each pair had to make 5 objects, tiny enough to fit in a match box, that we felt represented our story. We then got together with another pair who were given a different story and we discussed the similarities and differences we’d found.

Writing about the Anglo-Saxons

Our working walls in our classroom help us when we are working independently. All the aspects of writing that we learn about are put on the wall so that we can refer to it later on in other lessons. Look at all the amazing things we have been learning about and are going to try to put in our reports next week. you will be able to see these at the parent outcome and see whether we achieved our goal!