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Week 1


During English lessons this week, we have been retelling the Merdon Story using expanded noun phrases, prepositions of time and place and conjunctions in our writing. We are currently working hard on editing and publishing our work onto a storyboard which we are looking forward to sharing with you soon! 

Week 2


This week, we read a new story called Winter's Child. Earlier in the week, we focused on writing predictions using clues from the text and conjunctions. Next, we read the rest of the story and wrote a character description of the boy. 

Week 3


On Tuesday, we applied our prediction skills to a new book called the Black Dog before moving on to using pictures to infer how different characters are feeling and what might be happening outside their family home. We have enjoyed reading the first part of the story and are looking forward to hearing the rest next week. 

Week 5/6 


We have now moved onto exploring our next text called The Tunnel written by Anthony Browne and linking this to other portal stories. We have also learned how to use fronted adverbials in our writing. Next week, we are looking forward to planning and writing our own portal stories.