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The plan for this term....

Writing a non chronological report


We brought together all our knowledge of space into a focussing particularly on how to use and structure a paragraph. We then published our reports on the computer. We are super proud of the results!

Writing a factual narrative


In the style of our class text, Where Once We Stood, we wrote our own factual narratives based on the idea of the first mission to Mars. In order to do this we found out all about Mars in our Science lessons and then we used this information as part of our narrative so that it seemed like it really happened! We used dialogue, varied our sentence openers and chose our vocabulary carefully in order to make our writing as interesting and engaging as possible for our reader.

Using dialogue in writing


We learnt the correct rules for punctuating dialogue and we also learnt how to make our dialogue writing effective by using synonyms for said and adding extra detail after the speaker’s  tag.

The Moon


To start our Space topic in English we looked at pictures of the moon and wrote about the landscape and feelings associated with being the first to walk in this strange terrain.

We then learnt about figurative language and used metaphors to write poems about the Moon.