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Rainforest Debating

We wrote speeches for or against deforestation and then we had a debate to argue our different points of view.

Rainforest Poetry

We had great fun making up the last verse to a rainforest poem about the different layers of the rainforest. We worked in groups to write the poem and then we filmed our performances in the copse, pretending it was the real rainforest! If you want to see a few videos, have a look on the blog page.

here are a few pictures of us filming and of our poems. We are aware they’re not our neatest work but writing poetry takes an awful lot of rewriting and editing.

Rainforest Reports

Following all the great work we have done researching information about rainforests, we wrote our own information texts describing what a rainforest is. We practised using conjunctions and making sure our writing was factual, precise and informative in its style.

Information text writing

This week, we have been finding out all about our teeth; the different types and shapes, the different functions and the variety of teeth that different animals have. We used all the information we gained from our reading, videos, diagrams and information books to write our own information texts. 

Here is the report planning phase....

We are really proud of the results.