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What is the theme of the story of Shackleton's Journey?


Today we finished the book! We then explored our opinions about what the overall theme of the story is. In groups, we had to decide which 3 words (out of a choice of 10)  best summarised and described the theme of the story. It was tricky sometimes as everyone had different ideas! This meant we had to be very good at justifying our opinions.

How can we predict using images from the text? 

We have continued to read about Shackleton’s expedition.  Unfortunately, his ship, Endurance was crushed by the ice and eventually sank leaving Shackleton and his crew floating on the ice.  We have taken the images from the next pages and asked the children to predict what may happen next.

How can Shackleton persuade people to go on the expedition?


How can we write a persuasive job advert? What language do we need to use? This is the question we explored today by reading different examples of persuasive texts and then analysing the features. We then wrote the Antarctic expedition advert using as many of the features as we could. We read each other’s writing and reflected on what had gone well.

What can we find out about the crew? How can we imagine how they might feel?


Today, we learnt about some of the members of the crew on the Endurance ship. We were each given a crew member to research on the laptops and then we wrote a letter from that crew member to Shackleton using all the information we had gained in our research.

Introducing our new text


Today, we started to study our new text that is going to support our English this term. We discussed whether we would be tempted to join the expedition, carefully explaining and justifying our opinions verbally and in writing.