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We went for a sound walk in the copse and discovered some unexpected additions to the trees.  What does it mean?

We were excited to be going to the library for a visit this week.  Some of Year 6 came with us and we worked well together to find lots of information in the library.

We all listened well to the story the librarian read to us.

We used the pictures from the book - My name is Bob, to write two pieces of writing.  One about feeling safe and welcome in your home and one about having to leave home and be in a strange place.  The mood of our two pieces of writing was very different.

After reading an extract of 'The Secret Garden', we unpicked the way the author built the tension when Mary discovered the garden and how she was led towards it.  We became innovators and planned and wrote our own versions of this part of the story...

We thought about how the Minpin story might end and ways Billy could destroy the Gruncher.

We worked in groups to try to build our own Minpin villages; imagining what they would be like if the Minpins could live on the ground.  It took lots of teamwork.