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Grammar is fun!

Learning grammar can sometimes be thought of as a dull subject but.....not in Year 4! We played a great “Time Connectives” board game today!


Poetry Writing

Yesterday we learnt all about the amazing life of Nelson Mandela. We watched films, listened to songs and read poems in order to learn all about him. Today we turned that knowledge into poetry. We worked in twos and threes, clapping our rhythms and rehearsing the lines. Tomorrow we are editing our poems and then turning them into a true performance. We’ll record the performances into a green screen so that we can choose a background to fit our poem.

Click on the link below to watch some of the performances.

Paired Editing

Today, we learnt the value of editing and how we can support each other in improving and checking our writing. We took turns in reading each other’s writing looking at punctuation, word choice and style of writing. Mrs Yates was extremely impressed with our team work and ability to work independently.


Should he or shouldn’t he?

Today we carried on reading our exciting class reader, The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpugo. In the chapter we read today, Bertie and his family were arguing about whether he should keep the lion cub he had rescued or not. We then decided to argue our different points by taking one of the sides and giving reasons to each other to support our views. This will really help us when we have to write down our opinions tomorrow in our English lesson.

Our new look Working Walls

Working walls are used in the class to support children’s independent learning. Teachers write useful information that children can refer to when completing tasks. Here’s a picture of what our working wall looks like at the moment!