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Beasts for our Anglo Saxon legends

Working wall - ready to support writing


Our working wall is building up nicely. On it are all aspects of writing we have been working on so that we can use it to support us when we write our own beast legends next week.

As you can see, we have been learning how to use language to create effects through the use of similes, exaggeration and “ show not tell” descriptions of feelings. We have also studied how fronted adverbials can change emphasis in our sentences and how prepositions can add more detail and interest.

Paired Editing


We know that editing our writing is a very important step to producing the most creative and interesting work we possibly can. We are learning the skills to edit our own work carefully but we are also learning to support each other by editing in pairs.

Class Reading - Beowulf 


We are reading the Anglo-Saxon legend of Beowulf. We've chosen the version written by Brian Patten called Monster Slayer. It has brilliant illustrations and amazing examples of writing for us to magpie when we write our own legends.

Here are some examples of our guided reading activities....