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In our English lessons we have been studying extracts from The Men in the Moon by HG Wells. We have been focusing on the vocabulary he uses and the style of his writing. we have explore vocabulary and thought about our own word choices when written. We have all enjoyed the challenge of this text.

After HG Wells we were given a mysterious code from Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne. It read - InSneffllsIokuliskrateremkemdelibatumbraSkartarisIuliiintrakalendasdeskende,audasuiator,teterrestrekentrumattinges.Kodfeki.ArneSaknussemm

We worked in groups to try and decipher the code.

Our ideas were amazing.

Then we saw the code again with spaces and continued to decipher.

Eventually our teachers gave us some clues, so again in groups we used iPads and dictionaries to find the meaning.

We then created our own codes.

Next we looked at another extract and in groups investigated unknown words and their meanings replacing them with synomyns.