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Supporting Each Other


In Year 4, we help and support each other with ideas and suggestions when we are finding our work tricky.

Editing our writing


We are learning to help each other edit our writing to improve our word choices, sentence structure and punctuation. Working with someone else is so helpful.

Our Working Wall


Our Working wall helps us when we are working independently because our teacher puts all our learning on to it each lesson so that we can refer to it later. Here is our working wall so far this term....

Using our text to stimulate writing


We analysed Roald Dahl’s techniques for building excitement and suspense and then we used these techniques in our own writing to try to write exciting recounts of an exciting tie in our own lives.

Sequencing events in a chapter


We listened to chapter 8 of Danny Champion of the World and then we sequenced some sentences from the chapter. We used the book to refer to when we weren’t sure!

Reading Activities based on Danny Champion of the World


This term, we are reading a Roald Dahl novel. We are using the text to help us learn comprehension skills such as inference and retrieval of information. Here are a few examples of some of the work completed so far....