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Infering character’s feelings


After reading our book, we discussed how the main character was feeling at different points in his life. We then plotted the character’s feelings on a graph and joined the dots to make a mathematical line graph to represent the changing feelings.

Sequencing a story


We show we understand a text by sequencing the events in a story. We are reading The Shaman’s Apprentice”, a story about a tribe in the South American Rainforest.

Meanings of unknown words


In our reading, we need to learn how to find the meanings of unknown words so that we understand the text better. This is what we did today when we started reading our next Rainforest picture book.

Hot Seating


Today, we planned the speech that the main character in our book was going to need to give to his boss to explain why he had not chopped a tree in the Rainforest down as he was requested to do. To help us analyse the thoughts and feelings of the man and his boss we took turns in pretending to be them while other people asked us questions. 

Published Poems


Here are some of the finished poems with their illustrations.

Writing and Performing Poetry


This week, we have been reading nonsense poetry. We investigated the language choices and discussed why we found them funny. We then had a go at writing our own nonsense poems and performed them to each other.