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Poetry Day


What a fabulous day we had today listening to and writing our own poems. We started by listening to Michael Rosen reading some of his poetry and then we analysed in particular in more detail. We focussed on examining how Michael had expressed feelings though his use of language and images in the poem.  We then repeated this activity with a painting and explore the ways that emotions are shown in a visual form. We used the poem to inspire our own poems about sadness and empathy.

In the afternoon, we made our own pictures to depict an emotion, using colours and silhouettes. Have a look at the journey....

Poetry Writing Workshop


Today, Jo, a came to visit to prove to us that we are all poets. She took us outside where we talked about what we could smell, hear and feel, then we collected one item from the world around us. We took that item in and she helped us to write a poem about it. Here are some of the results!

Paired Editing


We also help each other with our editing in Year 4. We methodically work through our editing checklist with our partners in order to check and improve our writing.

Paired Reading


Today we started our paired reading. This is where we work in partners, taking turns to read a page each of our reading books. In this way we can support each other with our reading.

“The Butterfly Lion”


This week we started our class reading book....a beautiful story about a boy and his pet lion written by Michael Morpurgo. Before we actually read the e predicted what it might be about sequences the chapter titles and predicted what the story could be that linked them. We drew our own front covers from the title and we inferred information about the character from the first chapter. We even had Michael read the story to us himself!