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Choosing Our Own Adventures


We used the IHero books of Beowulf to follow our own adventures, making our own decisions for how the story unfolds. We recorded what happened at each part of the story on an “S”.

Comparing Endings


We have looked at and compared many versions of the story of Beowulf. There are many similarities but also many differences between them. We worked as a group comparing the different endings of two versions in detail.

Book Launch


Today we started our new book, a version of Beowulf written by Brian Pattern. We discussed the history behind legends such as Beowulf and how Anglo-Saxons used to tell each other stories. We looked at many different versions of Beowulf. Finally, we looked at the font cover of “Monster Slayer” and made predictions and notes.

Retrieving Information


We used the description of the monster, Grendel, to draw what we think the creature looks like using all the information we could find from the text.