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Week Beginning 2nd November

This week, we are using the book Blue Penguin as a starting point for narrative writing.

After reading the book, we created an S-plan of the story to help us retell it.
What writing skills did we use in our WAGOLL to make the story interesting for our reader?

Week Beginning 9th November

After the successful re-telling of our story "Blue Penguin", we have innovated the story to create our own one, with the same themes running throughout.  We carefully planned and considered our ideas to create a wonderful new version!

Week Beginning 16th November

We have continued to write our innovated stories, edited them and written an extract as a best copy with an illustration.  We worked in pairs to evaluate and edit our work.

Look at our fantastic writing...

Week Beginning 23rd November

This week, Year 3 have become experts on penguins.  We have learned about the structure of an information text using the text “How do Dinosaurs really work?” and used video and text to help us research our topic.

Week Beginning 30th November 


This week, we used our expert penguin knowledge to write our information text about these fascinating creatures. We have focused carefully on using sentence openers, topic specific vocabulary and conjunctions in our writing to keep the reader engaged. We look forward to sharing our published work with you on this page next week! 

Week beginning 7th December

This week we have been working on our reading comprehension skills.

On Thursday we started to looked at the stem sentences of a poem and used language for effect to complete it to match different photos.  We don’t know the what poem it is ....YET!

We are also working on writing the best copies of our penguin information texts. We are trying really hard with our presentation.  Watch this space to see how well we do.

Monday 14th December 

This week we have finished our best copies of our Penguin reports. Our handwriting is really coming along.  Some of the year group have earned their pen license this week.

We have also been creative and exploring the use of description in our Winter poems.