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How can we survive in a Temperate deciduous forest?


Today we found out! We learnt the survival skills of waterproof shelter building, fire lighting and team work. We had such a great time as well as learning a great amount!

What can we find in the desert?

Our learning was focused on the extreme climate, the desert, and how solar energy is a key resource 1 million people gain from the largest solar farm in the world. We discussed what we find in the desert too. A debate was then had as to whether we should have a solar farm on the south coast. 

What does the Russian tundra provide?

This weeks Year 5 were continuing to think about another extreme climate and if it provides any natural resources. We learnt that the biome, Tundra, provides minerals which makes up so many things we use and consume everyday such as any devices we have access to. To understand the complexity and difficulty of extracting these minerals we have a go ourselves by using cocktail stick to extract chocolate chips from cookies. 

Antarctica location

Stranded in Antarctica, Year 5 had to build a den to hide away from the Antarctic elements and then left base to research what Antarctica is like and what natural resources it could provide. 

Position and significance of locations

Today we explored locations around the world, considering the significance of the equator, hemispheres and tropics. Fantastic discussions were being had in both classes about: ‘Does the Earth have a top and bottom?’ and ‘What is a biome?’