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Locating Rivers on O S Maps


Today we learnt about OS map symbols and then located rivers on the maps. We then learnt how to describe the location of the rivers using 4 and 6 figure grid references.

The River Journey


The children watched a fun video and song describing the journey of a river from source to mouth. The words of the song told them all they needed to know to draw and label the river journey from mountain to the sea.

What are the processes of a river?


Children watched videos showing the processes of erosion, deposition and transportation. They learnt to define these words and explain what each meant for the river’s journey.

Children then went outside to find examples of each process in the school environment.

Are all rivers the same?

This half term we started our geography unit with the water cycle. The children learnt the key geographical vocabulary linked to and enjoyed singing along to the song to help them remember it. 

The Explorer Talk


Toady we had a virtual visitor in Year 5 who told us all about his experiences as an extreme explorer. Adrian Hayes is a relative of Finn and kindly agreed to tell the children all about some of the exciting expeditions he has been on to many extreme environments. He showed us a video and told the children about what inspires him and what motivates him to continue in the face of difficult challenges. The children were fascinated and asked him numerous questions. Thank you Adrian for a wonderful experience.