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Week 1


On Tuesday, started our new unit of Tour of Britain. At the beginning of the lesson we had to try to draw what we thought Britain would look like on a map and label any countries, cities and oceans that we knew. Then we moved onto comparing our sketch maps with an atlas and added the key countries, cities and oceans before testing our new knowledge with a class atlas challenge. 

Week 2 and 3


During our second lesson, we continued to explore atlases by looking at the different types of maps of Britain. We then created our own layered maps using tracing paper to show land height, rivers and key cities on different layers. Although we enjoyed this, it was important to draw upon our resilience.  


During our third lesson, we learned about 4 figure grid references and how to use them to locate a given place on a map.  


Week 5/6


We have continued to focus our Geography on the UK by exploring different types of landscapes before creating our own models of existing landscapes or developing our own diverse landscapes. 


Next, we moved on to carry out some fieldwork around the school grounds to investigate the key statement "School is not diverse". We enjoyed visiting the field, playground and copse to listen for sounds, draw sketch maps and consider how the different areas make us feel.