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Geography Fun

Hello Geographers!


Even though we're not at school there are lots of ways we can still do a bit of geography and have lots of fun! I know that lots of you LOVE your Geography as much as I do so I'm going to be sharing with you some activities you can have a go at with your families.


If you do give them a go, don't forget you can send pictures to to share it with all of us. I will be doing the same too! 


Enjoy being Geographers!


Miss Bristow laugh

 Lamppost orienteering 

Part of your google classroom this week is to get out and about in the local area, having a go at some orienteering whilst on your daily walk. 

Below are the slides from google classroom, alongside the maps and answers.

Please share any photos with us




** Why not see how many of the 50 'What to do by the time you're 11 3/4' you can do at home and in the garden. I'm going to give the wild art and the house for a creature a go.
** ​​​​​​Maybe you could draw some of the flags of the world and turn it into a game of SNAP! with your family.
** Some you might have little railway figurines, Lego figures or something similar to create images and new worlds in your houses and gardens. Mrs Whitford had fun when I did this with the teachers at school. I'm going to give it a go at home now.
** You could even do some Geographical Art, I know Mrs Whitford is giving daily Art challenges. Why not try some of these:
**If you feel like doing some colouring why not choose a map to colour. There is a selection to choose from including Southampton. Does anywhere look familiar?
**Lots of families are virtually quizzing at the moment. Test your knowledge of different aspects of Geographical learning.
**You could use your English skills and describe some of these amazing images which includes geographical landscapes.
**Take a look at these ideas from an amazing geography teacher (my school geography teacher) who has created activities to ‘Open your eyes to Geography.‘