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Grounds Development

Our grounds are being developed through a number of different projects. We are excited that the first project will see our adventure play trail expanded and improved. Children in Year 5 will be updating this part of the website with photos and a blog to share the progress on this project.


Day 1 - 1/11/22



Muddy inroads have been made! The grounds team have had a busy day working in sunshine, storms and showers to begin digging out the base for the new adventure play area. We have had lots of large lorries dropping off materials for the team to use!


A digger starts to dig out the dirt and they put netting around the work. Throughout the day, the build has progressed and a sheet has been laid over the top. The digger men were seen having a break and starting to plan what they are going to start with.


In our opinion, we're thinking they are going to use some sort of tent to put things under in the evening.


Lottie D and Charley N



Day 2 - 2/11/22



Today lots of materials were delivered and the base for our adventure play trail was laid. The builders put the frame around the edge of the area using their drills and began to lay the flooring!


Day 3 - 3/11/22


No updates to report today, weather conditions put a temporary stop to the development but we hope you agree, it's really starting to take shape outside!

Day 4 - 4/11/22


Our adventure play trail is progressing every day, whether it is rain or sunshine. At the moment, our amazing workers are digging holes with tools, ready to put the equipment into the soil.


We have taken a view of what they have done.